dinsdag 23 januari 2007

The Legend lives !!

A picture says a thousand words. I'm honoured and thankfull that Anita Klerks asked me to share with her in the legendary Klerkshof prefix. This kennel has a history going back more than 55 years! In pekingese the kennel has a worldwide reputation of one of the topbreeders of the pekingese ever. The number of champions is like a string of pearls.
We will launch a new website and proceed with the breedingprogram, fitting in my own pekes. We allready have a very promissing new dog bred from the old Klerkshoflines combined with the USA Morningstar import who also sired Mult CH BISS & Groupwinning Klekshof mr. Blue Sky A'damwinner 2003 & 2004.